By renting your boat, or offering your yacht for charter, you get rental income allowing you to reduce your usage costs.

We provide you with the benefit of a large clientele acquired over the years.

As every yacht, each client is unique, this is why we attach great importance to discussing with you the rates to be set up, your rental conditions and availabilities.

Yacht Marketing

We carry out the promotion and publicity needed for the rental of your boat with our different tools:

  • Partner network
  • Website
  • Concierge partners
  • Leaflets
  • Books
  • Digital presence
  • Tourism offices …


You choose if you wish to set up half-day, full day or weekly package.

Our teams will then manage your calendar, with an availability 24/7

The flexibility of our operation allows you a wide personal use.


We select quality skippers and crews to work on your boat.

Our teams are committed to return you a clean, full, ready-to-sail boat.

We take charge of all costs related to rental operations and marketing : Advertising, reception, secretarial services, order taking, controls, handover …

Rent your boat with Beaulieu Marine

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