• Length6.70m
  • Width2.55m
  • ConditionNew
  • Cabin
  • Berth
  • Hull MaterialComposite
  • Nb. Bathrooms
  • Capacity11
  • Water Capacity45l.
  • Weight780kg.
  • AvailabilityOn request
  • Nb. Engine1
  • BrandSuzuki / Mercury
  • Max Power225hp
  • EnergyGasoline
  • PropellerOutboard
  • Year2022

This model has inherited all the best features from its predecessor and has evolved into the best family hardtail of this size in the world.

The Eagle 6.7 is fast, responsive and fuel efficient thanks to a slightly higher tube position. XL size motor shaft expands the variety of compatible motors.

A wide choice of colors and options to meet your expectations.

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