• Length8.10m
  • Width2.70m
  • ConditionNew
  • Cabin1
  • Berth2
  • Hull MaterialFiberglass
  • Nb. Bathrooms1
  • Capacity10
  • Water Capacity47l.
  • Weight2450kg.
  • AvailabilityOn request
  • Nb. Engine1 / 2
  • BrandYamaha
  • Power1 x 300hp / 2 x 150hp / 2 x 200hp
  • EnergyGasoline
  • PropellerOutboard

New, on order

Capoforte CX270

The new Capoforte CX270 shares with the CX280, from which it is derived, the elegant, versatile and user-friendly character.

The outboard configuration enhances performance, without compromising on the dynamic balance of the lines.

The interiors offer unchanged comfort, attention to detail and refinement of materials. A new sporty vibe just adds to the elements that have made the CX range a collection of Classics.

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